Why do you need a blog ?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything ..like …anything!. I used to hate the English language classes in grade school where you are supposed to write some random essays and paragraphs (bounded by some strict grammar rules , formats etc.) which you totally could not relate just for the heck of grades. Later in undergrad or even grad school the maximum essay writing I did was just text messages in a futile attempt to sound funny or sarcastic or witty (maybe flirty to boys..sigh). Now after years of working in industry , when I look back, I kinda miss writing in general.

Endless zoom calls and phone calls in the Pandemic season has lead me to a lot of self introspection which I would just keep postponing for another day otherwise. May be it’s time to give a try writing a blog ?

I would not equate journaling to blogging. I think they are completely two different activities. Although one is for yourself while the other one is a tad bit for enterprising purposes I guess ? Anyways benefits of journaling or writing down your thoughts somewhere in general would be as follows:

  1. Frees up your headspace : A lot of thoughts come and go in/out of your mind in general. I personally think a LOT!!! I spent countless hours overanalyzing and forgetting things that are a priority vs not. It helps to just pen down these random thoughts somewhere so that you can get rid of the clutter in your brain I guess
  2. Keep up with your passion for writing: If you are someone like me who misses writing down things , maybe this is a way to keep up that ?
  3. Understand yourself better: It always helps to go back and read these things at a later time and at the least you would either laugh at it or think about that particular day/event I guess.
  4. Therapeutic: It takes a good 10–15 mins to sit in a place and write down things patiently , review and then submit. Practicing some kind of discipline or habit always helps in general.

Anyways, that’s just my perspective for now at least!



Curious , bored person.

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